Dartealing is a vision
realized over many years
of  falling in love with tea
drinking.  We respect the
universal and friendly
gesture in offering
someone a cup of tea, and
the fine ceremonies that is
often associated with it.  
Most of all, we find the
experience of sitting down
for tea
almost mystical and
socially alluring.
Happy New Year!!!

Our well-loved regular

Afternoon Tea Menu
As much as we love
tradition, we didn't want a
stuffy tea room.  Our tea
room was designed with a
nostalgic flair, but created
to provide an intimate yet
relaxed setting for any
occasion.  Whether you are
lunching in the 'hood or
hosting a group of friends,
we make sharing a pot of
tea and good food
effortless and accessible,
for the tea novice or
seasoned drinkers.
We infuse flavors and
texture in everything we
do.   Our tea offerings are
selected and blended from
the finest award-winning
teas.  The names for our
teas says it all.  One cup of
our blends will invoke your
imagination and wake up
your senses.  

Our food has really moved
to the forefront of the
afternoon tea experience.   
Every bite was conceived
to remind your palate of
new  possibilites.